12th International Symposium on Molecular Cell Biology of Macrophages 2003


Poster Submission

Poster Abstract Submission

Only electronic submission of abstracts for poster presentation is accepted. Please follow the instructions for abstract submission given below. The abstract will be printed in the abstract book exactly as received!

Deadline for Abstracts: May 26, 2003.

Please e-mail your abstract as both an attached RTF (rich text format)-document and MS Word-document to mp2003@dokkyomed.ac.jp.

Instructions for preparation of abstracts

  • Font: Times New Roman; type size: 12pt
  • Length of abstract should be no longer than one page on A4-size paper with margins of at least 2.5 cm from each end
  • Title of abstract in bold letters
  • Beginning on a new line, the full names of all authors (first name before surname)
  • Beginning on a new line, the authors affiliations
  • After one space line, type text in single-line spacing
  • Beginning on a new line, name and e-mail address of the corresponding author
  • Abstracts may include figures or tables.

[Example Abstract Form]

Trafficking and fate of donor and host dendritic cells in allogeneic immune responses
Kenjiro Matsuno, Takahito Saiki, Nobutomo Miyanari and *Taichi Ezaki
Dept. Anatomy, Dokkyo Univ. School of Medicine, Mibu, Tochigi 321-0293, Japan, *Dept. Anatomy, Tokyo Women's Med. Univ., Tokyo, Japan.

By using rat adoptive DC transfer and cardiac and hepatic transplantation models, we studied DC trafficking and a microenvironment for allosensitization. (1) When allogeneic DCs were i.v. injected, these cells selectively migrated to the T-cell area of hepatic LNs and formed clusters with proliferating ............


corresponding author: K. Matsuno, e-mail: kenjiro@dokkyomed.ac.jp

Poster Award

This new award is intended for deserving investigators who have made significant contributions to the poster session of this Symposium. The committee will select two awardees among all posters during the poster session in the evening of the first day. Awardees of the competition will receive a certificate of commendation and 100,000 yen (First Place) or 50,000 yen (Second Place) at the first session of the second day afternoon. All top authors who submit the poster abstract will automatically become the candidates of the competition. We strongly encourage you to submit the poster and enjoy the challenge.

The awardees must be members of The Japanese Society for Molecular Cell Biology of Macrophages at the time of award. Two awardees are kindly asked to make a short oral presentation of their posters: 10 min for talk and 5 min for discussion. Accordingly, all candidates should prepare for the oral presentation and be ready for talk in case being selected. Please bring your PowerPoint files for talk to the meeting.

Poster Presentation

The size of the poster boad is 0.9 m wide, and 1.8 m high. Panels should be within the area of 90 cm wide, and 150 cm high including a title panel (70 cm wide and 20 cm high). All abstracts will be posted during the 2-day session period. Only two selected winners of Poster Award are requested to perform oral presentation using PowerPoint files within 10 min followed by 5 min discussion at the first session of the second day afternoon.

ご質問、ご意見は mp2003@dokkyomed.ac.jp までお願いします。